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Now that you've gotten to The Heart of the Matter and begun your journey of understanding and healing, join us as we delve deeper into the issues surrounding pornography use and addiction.

This in-depth video curriculum assembles additional footage from the same courageous people featured in the film and allows you to dig even further into the brain science of pornography addiction and its impact on families and societies. It lays a foundation of hope and healing in line with our Christian faith. The curriculum is designed for use in personal or small-group settings. It's perfect for men’s and women’s Bible studies, and also for anyone wanting to learn more about how to reach out to individuals, families and an entire culture struggling with sexual wounds.

The curriculum includes 6 one-hour topical lessons and features a study journal for individuals. Three bonus sections are directed specifically to those struggling with pornography use, their spouses, and for parents of children struggling with pornography addiction.

Curriculum development is in process. Sign up at the link below to stay connected and for pre-order information as the release date nears.

Please email us here if you have questions or would like email updates on the curriculum.